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Ecological Park Botanical Garden Andes

PAPRE, Regional Ecological Park. 

Botanical Garden In Peruvian Andes.

Please, use this link for the free download of the latest version of the project.:   


€ 01.00  =>  €15.00

Is it possible that every dollar spent is valued at 15 currency units after 15 years? We think so, thanks to the union of biological processes, solar energy, science and technology, and human will applied in implementing papre.

Our job was to serve a very humble peasant community who live in very small club, so we decided to investigate and propose a set of proposals that give solutions to the most serious problems that the rural community alone I could not identify or address.

With the sum of several investments that exceed 5 million soles, over the next seven years, the Agro-Ecological Regional Park - papre, is designed to solve the problems of overgrazing, desertification, vulnerability and insecurity, inefficient use of water resources, unproductive and emigration in an area of ​​the rural community of Pariamarca.

This project aims to integrate biodiversity with ecosystem management to develop productive activities. It will allow the skills to expose the partnership of organizations convened to develop this project, which will be a model of cooperation to replicate. As if that were not enough, this project will be a locomotive for family farmers associated in the region, as the demands which do not meet this project will be handled by small associated producers. Each of the results of these partnerships contribute to food security and the development of a space for sustained productivity biodiversity.

Arid land at Km. 71 of the Lima-Canta road, waiting to be irrigated.

The project implementation will not result in the inexorable erosion and desertification of the Andean region. But surely there will be institutions having carbon debts, will be interested in joining to finance some of the stages of this project. These steps range from irrigation with reservoirs and pipelines, and then work to develop agro ecology as forestry, fruit growing and cultivation of grasslands which constitute a huge botanical garden.

Beekeeping addition, vermiculture and the creation of a mini farm will be developed. This diversity of cultures is the basis for establishing centers of experimentation and scientific research and will be the input for the next stages of ecotourism and marketing of timber, food, seedlings and other organic products that give sustainability to this comprehensive project.

The successes of the latter phases are insured by the proximity and ease of access for millions of Lima to the project area throughout the year. Lima needs a new space where to get food and healthy recreations while developing appreciation of environmental care; this project and help to meet these needs for present and future generations who appreciate and perpetuate this park model.

Please, use this link for the free download of the latest version of the project:   

  Please, use this link for free download, the annexes and technical reports supporting the project called PAPRE:


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